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Factory Project Management & Factory Design Consultants
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"World class organizations need world class people with certified skills and professional attitude.”
Join us to acquire and practice industry relevant skills


  • To provide students industry specific knowledge, skills and competencies required to bridge gap between the needs of their professional career and the academic curricula.
  • To help students best fit for the available position by improving their knowledge, skills, abilities, behavior and values essential to perform the position successfully; by making them practice to plan, communicate and discuss a situation, actions taken and results in a professional environment.

  • Basic Foundation Programs: For students currently studying a technical degree.
  • Personalized Skill Development Programs: For students and in-service professionals

School of Industry Readiness
Raj Soni & CO.
CW 64, Malibu Towne
Sohna Road
Haryana, India
Tel: +91 987 101 3013


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